Why do a “DIY” travel plan?

Forced to wake up at 6, eat same breakfast everyday, running on tight schedule, going on a big bus to see a over-populated tourist spots for 20 mins before go to some factory / products presentation for 2 hours and being forced to buy something.

That was a common experience that happened when we join a package tour, and it happens to me, once, don’t want to join that kind of thing anymore. And i swear to god, that not the way i want to spend my holiday..

Seeing Eiffel tower for few minutes while the tour guide talks about the history, paying musee du louvre admission ticket just to rush to see Monalisa and go out. I just don’t think that’s a great way to “experience” Paris, it just too short, too brief, borrowing my architecure philosophy lecturer words during uni : it just petting, not even a penetration, it’s not a real thing (;

I wrote this not to tell what’s right or wrong, what’s better or worse, it really depends on people expectation on “experience” things. Some people looking for quantity, others looking for quality, some tours covers the whole america for 21 days, some people can’t even finished new york in 6 months.

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