Estadi Camp Nou . Barcelona vs Almeria

FC Barcelona is the 2nd team that I’m supporting after Liverpool FC, and it’s been a dream for me to visit their stadium and watch their match live. So during my planning stage to visit Barcelona at Autumn 2009, i checked FC Barcelona schedule and quite lucky to have them hosting Almeria at my 2nd last day there. Since it won’t be a big match i decided to just get the ticket on the spot when i reach Barcelona since buying ticket online are more expensive.

I was too lazy to go Nou Camp before the match day ( it’s quite a distance from the city centre ) but i’m afraid that i won’t get a ticket if i show-up directly before the match, so a friend told me that i can book the tickets at tourist information centre at La Rambla.

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Finding Matterhorn II

The part I of this post can be read here : Finding Matterhorn I

I’m waking up nearly every 2 hours to check the weather, but no luck. Even the rain has stop, but the cloud still blocking the view to Matterhorn. So i had to give up with the idea of doing star trail, and can only hope that the sky will be clear up in the morning.

Around 4 in the morning, the cloud start to moving fast ( thanks to the freezing wind ), i can see a bit glimpse of sky and it’s amazing, you can see the milky way.. but too bad, the cloud is keep coming and blocking.

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Chateau de Chillon / Montreux

This is a part of my semi-backpacking trip around Europe at Fall 2009 ( i will blog about it later, i promise ) Thanks again to Cessy, Hedi & Family, that allow me to stay in their place during my visit to Geneva and bring me around! (;

Chateau of Chillon is the place that i always see in any Switzerland travel guide books / website. After seeing the photos and hearing their reputation as “Switzerland’s most visited historic monument” ( written as tagline in their official website ) i begged Cessy to bring me there (;

Located about 4km from Montreux, at the side of lake Geneva, the castle is actually quite accessible by public transport, you just need to go to Montreux by train ( ) from Geneva ( The nearest city with international airport i believe ) from there you can take local train / bus or even a cruise boat to reach the castle. But that time i’m actually lucky enough to have her drive me there, it’s about 1.5 hours scenic ride from Geneva and it’s 1.5 hours full of fabulous view!

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