Wellington was born in Indonesia, 20ish years ago,

A fulltime architect, working on a so called biggest architectural practice in Singapore.

On his spare time, he does a lot of stuff like taking random pictures, makes some stupid short movies, or patronizes a cinema that’s only five minutes walks away from his place.

He didn’t really travel regularly, but he always try to keep his annual leave as much as possible by not going back to his hometown during festivities, so he can travel to see the world.

He also didn’t travel that often to actually writes a travel blog.

Writing in English isn’t his virtue, but he will try his best to write in understandable English.

Singapore is the fourth city that he ever stay on long term basis, the other three were Bandung ( his hometown ), Melbourne and Beijing.

Because of his bad experience with travel package during his visits to 5 cities in the southern part of China, he always do DIY travel now.

This blog will be place where he will put all story about his journey, photos taken during the trip that has been buried in his HDD for years, and some random rants of his life.

He really hopes he can update his blog regularly this time, because his other 2 “former” blogs were abandoned after few posts.



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