I’ll see you in Hongkong

Nearly a year ago, at 2010 Labor Day Holiday, Me & N went to Hong Kong for a short getaway.. I haven’t visited HK since 1995, so i quite surprise with the current HK ( plus i didn’t really have a lot of memory of the 1995 HK ). We did quite a bit of exploring but more on the HK island. I really fascinated with the Tram, we took tram like 4-5x in a day ( since we stayed on Jen / Traders Hotel, west side of HK island, quite a distance from the MTR, but just one block away from a tram stop ) We also visited some places that used as shooting location for my favourite HK movie, Wong Kar Wai’s “ChungKing Express”

I won’t write a lot about Hong Kong in this post, and i didn’t really have any photos to shared, i was crazy with video that time, so i really doing many gigs of video but totally forgot about taking photos… ( i guess i can’t multitasked well ) Below is the video that i’ve done from the stocks that taken during my visit there, i still have lotsa stocks that i haven’t use, still plan to do another short video of HK but i haven’t really got the right mood in the past 11 months ( lazy lah >_< )

Enjoy the short video (;

Please watch it in HD for better quality (;

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