Burj Khalifa

It’s ironic that my blog title is I need holiday but my virgin travel post is about my “office work” trip…

So the story was at May 2010, i got a chance to visit Dubai to take photos of our office projects there. ( Burj Khalifa is not one of it ) Since one of our project ( The Dubai Mall ) is at downtown Dubai, same place as where Burj Khalifa is, of course i didn’t want to miss the chance to visit it (;

As you know, Burj Khalifa is the tallest human made structure on earth, was design by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill ( SOM ) It was a mixed used building, mainly for residential, with addition hotel,, restaurant, business suite, communication & broadcast, and of course the observatory. It’s the home of Armani hotel & resident ( http://dubai.armanihotels.com/ ) and the highest restaurant in the world, At.mosphere restaurant ( http://burj-khalifa.eu/tag/restaurant-at-mosphere )

Was named Burj Dubai before, but change to Burj Khalifa during the official opening, to honor the president of UAE ( Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan ) that supporting Dubai during 2008 global financial crisis. ( They borrow money la, that’s why must honor )

For more info about the history, architecture, construction, design, facility etc etc… you can visit wikipedia at this link :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Khalifa i’m sure they do a better job at explaining those things than me (;

During first announcement of this building in 2004, i was skeptical about this project, i always thought it looks like a giant pencil that proportionally scary. Plus that time Dubai was really crazy on any kind of experimental building that won’t be build in any other part of the world. ( sounds like a good playground for architect hor.. ) But on the time of construction, it started to look interesting, plus some additional urban legend that make it more interesting ( babu the crane operator! http://www.hoax-slayer.com/babu-sassi-crane-operator.shtml ), plus i always like high place! (; And they have a public observation deck! ( and it’s on a quite a high place, not like petronas, i was really disappointed when i know the petronas bridge is the highest place that a common people can reach )

ok, photos time!

Currently the tallest in the world! woohoooo… ( image taken from wikipedia.com )

The Dubai Mall & The Dubai Mall Hotel ( my main objective on this visit ) with Burj Khalifa at the background, you can practically see Burj Khalifa from everywhere.

It shines like a diamond

make me nearly forget my main mission there (;

there’s a line on the peak of the tower, people there said that it was sands that blown by the wind..

The Dubai Fountain in front of Burj Khalifa, it has water performance ( synchronize with lights & music ) every 30 mins from 6 – 10 pm daily. They said it costs more than $200 million USD to built |:

At the background was The Address Downtown Dubai Hotel ( where i stay for the night, thanks that we need to take photos from there hehe, if not confirm i can’t afford )

people enjoying the fountain show… it was nearly 40 degrees centigrade when i was there…

Sunset time, this one taken from the hotel room balcony..

during twilight, taken from the hotel outdoor lounge area..

really looks like the leader and all other tower bow at it (;

Crowds enjoying the “dancing” fountain, it’s more popular at night, all the alfresco area of restaurant around are full..

The next morning was the time to visit the observation deck!

The access to “At the Top” observation deck ( http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/observation-deck ) was not from the main entrance of the tower, but through the special entrance at the basement of Dubai Mall.

So if you want to visit the tower, from the airport you can take taxi and tell the driver “Dubai Mall”

Too bad  i didn’t have chance to try the public transport there ( thanks to our collague in Dubai that already arrange everything), Dubai actually just got their metro at end of 2009.

Ok, for the ticket for the observation deck costs you 100 AED ( roughly $35 SGD ) but make sure you book it in advance, if you just come and buy ticket there, they punish you to pay 4x !!! ( advance booking & ticket information can be found here : http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/observation-deck/ticket-information.aspx )

my ticket 🙂

when you get inside the visitor lobby, you can see some exhibition & more information about the Burj Khalifa, and of course our friendly tourist trap shop. ( too bad i didn’t have any photo of those, that time i didn’t thought i will blog mah… )

the underground tunnel that connected the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, you will see some video showing the history and stuff…

then you will passed some guys that force to take your photos with Burj Khalifa background ( to sell you at inflated price later )

after that you will pass some escalator, more display, then you will reach…

an amazingly humble-looking passenger lifts… i’m honestly disappointed with the lift.. looks very ordinary ah…

but these lifts are the one that will take you to the 124th floor!! The reflective floor made you feel that you’re walking in the sky…

Where the observation deck are!! woohoo…

Some people staring at me, afraid that i will take their upskirt pics >_<

And what’s even better? They have outdoor observation deck!! and gap at the railings for you to stick out your cameras!!

The designer must like to take photos, and realize that reflection on windows is pain in the ass when we take photos from observation deck (;

And this the view from up there! The Dubai Mall, Address Hotel and the fountain…

It can be seen that there’s still a lot of empty land in Dubai (; ( i hope they have money so we architecture won’t be jobless for the next 100 years )

Futuristic looking Dubai CBD Area, feels like playing Simcity.. this angle can see Burj Al Arab at the bay, but somehow covered by the sandstorm…

The Dubai Metro station looks like an alien spaceship…

And the road network looks really amazing…

After spent few hours there, and took few hundreds photos, it time for us to go down.. The lift feels more uncomfortable to my ear when we go down.

Then we passed another set of design exhibition before reach the souvenir shop at the Dubai Mall Basement..

So, that’s my adventure scaling the Burj Khalifa..

I hope i can visit it again someday, and please remind me to visit Dubai during winter since i was nearly died due to the heatstroke…

And Burj Khalifa, see you at another sunset (;

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